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National Research Centre

It is the largest of all institutions affiliated to the ministry of Scientific Research and employs about 70% of all scientists working in these institutions. It consists of 14 Research Divisions, including 111 departments.


NRC was designated to support and carry out basic and applied researches in different fields of science and technology to serve and strengthen the national economy and respond to priorities established in the overall development plans of the country.

To pioneer innovative information & communication technologies Towards growing globally competitive indigenous Industries


In order to fulfill its mission, NRC is entitled to:

  • Conduct research in different fields of natural sciences and advanced technologies to serve the national economyand developmental plans.
  • Provide services and scientific technological consultations to productive units to solve their problems and develop their capabilities.
  • Guide the national economy sectors to the requisite of technology and stimulate efforts in the rapid assimilation and transfer of imported technologies.
  • Train young researchers in various scientific fields as a base for balanced growth of national technological capabilities.
  • Contribute to the national efforts for upgrading of science and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Strengthen scientific linkages and cooperation through agreements with local and international organizations.

Human resources

Number of research scientists :

  • Ph.D. holders: 2540
  • Scientific assistants: 2078
  • Administrative staff: 2486
  • Overall human strength: 7104

R& D Annual Budget

Total Budget through 2007-2008 was 72 million L.E

1- Governmental budget 2007-2008 (44 million L.E)

2-  Other sources of NRC fund 2007-2008 (28 million L.E)


The National Research Center is built on 12 acres and it consists of:

10 Research Buildings, 2 Administration Buildings, 10 Store Rooms, 829 Labs,12 workshops, 5 Experimental pilot and Plant Units, Animal House,Green Houses, Two Large conference halls in addition to 34 small ones for workshops and trainingcourses with all facilities,This is in addition to a research farm in Nubaryea on 145 acres.

Training and Capabilities Development "TCD"Unit

  • Organizes training courses in various scientific and technological areas and at different levels.
  • Transferring specially tailored experience industry, production and services sectors in Egypt, Arab World and African Continent.
  • Joint Training Courses in collaboration with international organizations .

Marketing Research Products And Services

1-  Businessmen and Investors'Office: Contracts & Protocols

2-  "Committee of Research & Development and Technology Transfer"(NRC & Federation of Egyptian Industries

3-  Annual Scientific Exhibitions

Monitoring & Evaluation office

  • Periodic monitoring at all levels
  • Research sectors
  • Technical sectors
  • Administrative sectors
  • Evaluation Indicators with Different Weights

Main Achievements (Major Scientific Results or Products)


International Patent

Advanced Materials and NanoTechnology

1.Oxygen evolution anode; Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, Koji Hashimoto and Naokazu Kumagi, EUR Patent no. 07119971.4-2119,2007

2.Anode for electrochemical reaction Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, Koji Hashimoto and Naokazu Kumagi, EUR Patent no. 07119971.5-2119, 2007

Egyptian patent

  • Method for Preparation of Molybdenum Doped Alumina as Anticorrosive Pigment.
  • A new method for regeneration of nickel catalyst used for hydrogenation of edible oil.
  • Isolation of soya oil from the crude commercial lecithin and decolourisation ofthe pure lecithin using simple and economic method.
  • A simple efficient and generally applicable method for grafting of vinyl monomers onto nylon-6 fibers.
  • Novel free formaldehyde adhesive system for production of environmentally friendly composites from agricultural waste (Artificial wood).
  • Preparation of Na-A Zeolite from egyption kaolin.
  • Preparation of Na-Pzeolita form Egyptian kaolin.
  • Preparation of (Na - Faujasite) Zeolite from Egyptian kaolin.
  • New method for preserving fresh cuts of potatoes, onion and carrots during storage and marketing.
  • Production and application of environmental friendly biopolymers from toxic formaldehyde of wood -product adhesive.
  • Preparation for polyamide membranes via casting technique.
  • Developing a multi-function apparatus for reinforced earth testing.
  • Low fusion opaque porcelain for coating chromium- nickel containing alloys.
  • Air lift pump.
  • Synthesis of PH papers.
  • Injection fertilization as full nutrition technique for trees and shrubs.
  • Method and equipment for detection of helminthes' eggs in human and animals.
  • Low fusion translucent porcelain with novel composition and good mach inability for dental crown application.
  • A New method for preparation of Ni catalyst used in Hydrogenation ofedible oils.
  • A novel approach for the control of the red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (f) using microsporia.
  • Oxygen evaluation electrode.
  • Anode for electrochemical reaction.

Health sector

  • Avian Influenza H5N1 Inactivated Vaccine
  • Gold Nanoparticles : Toxicological and pharmacological Assessment of Some Nano-gold materials Used in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Production of diagnostic kits for HCV through the Drug Constrictive Company.
  • Production of functional foods for treatment of certain genetic diseases e.g. phenyl ketonuria.
  • Successful environmental therapy of some immunological
  • diseases such as psoriases and rheumatoid arthritis in Safaga resort.
  • Production of"Proximol"a spasmolytic drug by Cairo Drug
  • Pilot Projects for the Development of Health Status in Rural and Urban Communities.
  • Clinical genetics
  • Oro-Dental Genetics
  • Prenatal diagnosis & fetal medicine
  • Development of Pharmaceutical and Food industrial sectors.
  • "Synthesis and assessment of nanostructured materials for drug delivery"
  • "Synthesis of Benzoxazole Derivatives with Potential Antitumer and Antiviral Activity"

Agriculture sector

  • Synthesis of Benzoxazole Derivatives with Potential Antitumer and Antiviral Activity.
  • Genetic Transformation of some Pathogenesis Related Genes for fungal Resistance into grain legumes (faba bean and pea).
  • Micro- Nutrients and plant Nutrition Problem in Egypt
  • Trace Elements with Special attention to Zinc and Copper in Edible Vegetattion As Related to Egyption Geographical Distibution and Envoirnmental Surroundings Through chairing of NRC researchers in several national campaigns to ameliorate the quality and quantity of several agriculture crops which improve our national economy by an annual income of 1.677 billion Egyptian pounds (e.g. Wheat, rice, citrus fruits, maize campaign etc....).

Environmental sector

Implementation of Environmental Technologies for Water and Air Pollution.

A successful example of drinking water station (El- Fostat Station) which is now applicable in Cairo and Alexandria

  • Recycling of waste water by a new method that prevent any health hazards
  • Construction with Rice Straw Bales as a Sustainable Environment Friendly Building Material
  • Technological and Engineering Development for Production of desalination Hollow Fibre Membranes
  • Spiral Wound RO Membrane for water desalination
  • Economical and environmental friendly lignocellulosic composites
  • Development and optimization of pesticide industry effluent treatment system using Nanofiltration (NF) and oxidation technologies

Textile sector

  • Production of new biocidal textiles using advanced nano and melt spinning techniques
  • "Improving Healing Performance of Wound Dressing through Formation of High Surface Area Chitosan/Cellulose Structures from Electrospun Nanofibers " Through chairing in the National campaign to ameliorate the textile products in 2004 in which NRC researchers had succeeded to develop some chemical procedures in the textile industry which lead to annual saving of approximately 5 million pounds to the concerned textile companies.

Energy sector

  • Nanomaterials Design for Solar Energy Conversion
  • The Conversion of Solar Energy Utilizing Size- quantized Inorganic Nanostructure Materials
  • Cellulosed Waste Treatment from Garbage and Agriculture to get liquid Fuel.
  • Development in biodiesel production and sources.
  • Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of new hydrogen storage materials.
  • Synthesis and investigation of the physical and electrical properties of BaSrTi03 (BST) nano- structures prepared by sol-gel methods.
  • Catalytic gasification of biomass for synthesis gas
  • Cost-effective Renewable Energy For Rural Areas In The Mediterranean Region.

Products traded

1- Functional Foods : for the treatment of various diseases, such Phenyl Ketonuria

2-  Paints and Coatings

3- Talc powder.

4-  Ointment for the treatment of skin eczema "Nigella Sativum" plant.

  • Large global markets exist for industrial products derived from natural products
  • Pharmaceuticals : Natural & microbial products.Cultivation, production & chemistry of medicinal plants
  • Pesticides
  • Industrial enzymes
  • Biotechnology enzymes
  • Medicinal plants —- Drugs

5- Treated Fodders.

6- Treated Fertilizer.

7-  Rubber Gaskets and O ring

8-  Resin Formaldehyde.

9-  Some Chemicals used in Leather Tanning.

Photo Sensitizers

  • Sunlight and photoactive compounds
  • Photo generate reactive oxygen species
  • Insecticide against mosquitoes , codling moths, house flies, cockroaches, mealworms, boll weevils, face flies, cabbage butterflies, cabbage loopers, and corn earworms.


Address: Elbhos St - Dokki - Giza

Tel: +2 0233371010 Fax: +2 0237601877

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

website: www.nrc.sci.eg


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